Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Angel of Survival

I say this about survival as this painting was getting very close to the wastebasket. In fact I had pulled the basket closer to the work table and was clearing away scraps and cuttings. Scraps and cuttings are infact hard to toss sometimes as they hold possibilities, it is discouraging to see the scraps and snippets look better than the piece I am working on. I also tend to save the really good things and I do understand that if I used some of the really good things perhaps success would be less of a struggle.

To get to the point, as I was cleaning up I thought maybe this will work on the wings, and maybe I could change this tiny face, so small, smaller than an almond in the shell. Maybe this paper doily could add something, and some paper punch birds. All this on the floor and table. I seem to have a short term memory that most art work has a stage of looking awkward, like anything developing, like a seed started in the house it gets long and stringy before it gets just the right thing to make it stronger. So here she is.


Star said...

Good Morning, Emelie! This angel is gorgeous! Isn't funny how sometimes the pieces of art that seem to give the most trouble or you just don't like turn out to be the best in the end, if we don't actually send them to their grave? Did you draw her hands? They're very nice (as is the rest of her).

Sharon said...

She is so lovely and I do understand about painting faces that are "smaller than an almond in the shell".
I think you are learning the difference in unfinished and just right.

Star said...

Thanks for your answer about the hands. You're right, it's mixed media and so using images of hands or anything else is great! it's also a good way to learn by painting over a image. I was just going to be very JEALOUS if you painted those perfect tiny hands! (smiling)