Sunday, December 27, 2009

Woman of Scraps

I saw this paper in a bin when visiting a friend, it was in a bin to be shredded. Stripes and tulips are the paper, I used rubbing plates and paint. You will notice a blurry line in the painting as

it was scanned in two parts and then put back together with the computer. An odd size 15X8.

At this point our family is having Christmas gathering today. I should be doing preparations

and not on the computer. I didn't sleep much, thinking of icy roads, what has to be done, and now I am not even doing it.

The art quilt you see was made from an old dress and the two faces which you see were done in crayon and printed on fabric. You may not be able to see, but the snaps are still on the dress.

I saw this dress in a thrift store with the wild colored swirls and had to have it. The quilt is


Thank you bloggers for coming by and your comments.


Anonymous said...

Lovely, love all the different colours. Love it!
Have you seen Sarah Kiser's art? Very similar.

Have a great day!


Star said...

Oh! I do like this a lot! It has such a dream-like atmosphere to it!
What luck to find a good scrap in a friend's shredder bin.
Hope you are enjoying your family, now!

Star said...

Forgot to say that I really like the quilt collage, also. I'd like to see a bigger picture!