Monday, December 14, 2009

Remembing Family Home

This quilt was done of my Inlaw's home, rural Minnesota. The house burned a few years ago.

I always liked it and the location along a river that you can somewhat see at the bottom.

There were Oak trees in the yard, geraniums around in pots and bird feeders. It was green like you see in the biggest photo. The creating of this didn't go as planned, I wanted more of the back door with the red broom and flowers. just couldn't get that photo to be a big enough statement no matter how hard I worked with it. The trees got to be a more prominate feature because they turned out well with the minipulation. Some of the minipulation is not realistic and I wanted that.

These photos were printed on on ink jet printer on fabric covered paper, the fabric peeled off well. It took nine sheets of this and I only wasted some tiny bits. I didn't have many photos to work with and choose parts from, only two. There is also other fabric used and some stenciling that is rather vague, but still adds color. Measurement 22 inX 22in.


Star said...

What a wonderful idea for a quilt! I think it turned out really well and it must have been a lot of work. How nice that you had pictures to remember it all after the home burned.

Judy said...

A wonderful quilt!! I LOVE trees..and these, and the way you worked with them, is fantastic!!