Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Something Found

I am at odds and sods this morning, I wanted to show you altered photo of me and my dog in 1953. I had it ready with some other tampering and decided I didn't like the bright white area in the work. I have tried to get some color behind objects and it is not working well so I will do that later. Plus it would be nice to have the original there with it, I have searched the files and can't find that. So odds and sods.

So I decided to post a pic of Hermie, he has become a rather Tubby Tabby, his excuse is he just wants to fit in. Meaning of course he is looking at us with a critical eye.

The butterfly is a rather charming piece of unique work, it is a lense from a pair of glasses, the butterfly paper was put on the back side of lense glued, and then a white piece of paper glued, last, the artist put gold cord around the lense, and a pin back. The piece has a curvature of course from the lense. I am always quite charmed by these little things found in thrift stores. I have charming all over the house. Too much sometimes.
Thre is also a pice or needle work in this done by me, it is twisted fabric sewed by machine unto felt, a doily piece in the center and some french knots.

I remember being charmed in 6th grade, for Christmas we wrote the Lord's Prayer with alphabet macaroni on a piece of plywood and then painted it with clear substance to give it a shine. Schools could not do that now, but I think of it often as a labor hunting those tiny letters and 35 children doing this at the same time. The glasses lense would of been much more simple.
I chat on...This writing is sort of about making something out of not so much. I had a photo of a blustery day and a strange setting sun. (Still learning about that camera) The bottom of the blog page shows some work with a not so good photo. So more making something out of nothing.


Star said...

Gosh! I have old glasses stashed away and have gotten rid of many....never thought about using them for art. I like your "odds and sods" comment. I am like that on most days.

Sharon said...

Great post. I enjoy your writing.