Saturday, December 12, 2009

Quilt Sections

I changed my header, I thought viewers might wonder what that is. These are two more sections of the quilt It only measures 17X13. The photos of it seemed to be rather dark so I scanned it in sections and every part does not show. It is old fabric and new, painted faces that are really rather small. If you see embroidery, it was on the fabric already, it is also machine quilted. Even the swirls you see on fabric were already there on an old Nero Jacket.

I posted a photo of the tableleg angel. The person that made this carved the head separate, and made the wings out of other wood. The bottom has had an addition so she stands more firmly, this is just glued to the real end of the leg. Some of the fine gold trim is gone and there are chips in the heavy cream paint. Nice little carved hands. It is about 70 yrs. old.


Sharon said...

Love the new banner and thanks for showing the pretty little table leg angel.

Star said...

I do like the new banner and I love the quilt! Looks like a lot of work! I'd love to try one but sewing and I don't really get along!

Judy said...

Wonderful work, Emelie!

The angel is really cool!