Friday, December 25, 2009

Angel Youth

I have to be honest, I have said this before, faces are rather new to me, I don't understand quite how I got this young angel. I usually get a woman's face, and lately I frequently get an older

seasoned woman. It could be the roundness of this face. I would rather have character in a face, sort of pretty but sort of odd at the same time. Often when doing a piece I have to take what I get. I can go through times of feeling I know exactly what I want and times of not knowing what next to do, what additions. I have two pieces that I have not posted that were like that, I will post them if I dare, but today is this young angel who just happened.

It is time to loosen up and just paint, I will give that some effort today. We have not had family gather yet, too stormy.

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Star said...

Merry Christmas Emelie! This youthful angel is great, too! I rather like how this kind of art just evolves and sometimes you find something completely different from what you they have a life and have to come out!

Sorry your family still can't be there but better that they be safe at home and come later. This is certainly a mixed up storm!