Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Mulitple From One

It has not been easy to paint and I haven't, my daughter is here and we get talking and or just doing things and I feel uncomfortable going to the art room, so I don't and I really want to enjoy her visit. I did spend time on the computer tho. we both did.

I took a painting that I was pleased with the background but wished I had a face that was more distinctive in personality and not so demure. So I left the face but did a lot of cropping, copying, and pasteing in photo shop and it looks like this.

I am tired of cooking, tired of groceries, and meal planning, we need some meager meals. We all need more water, soup, and some self denial. We need to feel a little empty.

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Anonymous said...

OH bless you so much! I am hoping you feel better, your daughter lifts your spirit so much.
I really like your faces, so keep positive with them, they will tell you a story one day.
Have a great 2010!

Happy new year!