Wednesday, December 2, 2009

So long ago

I have always liked this tiny photo, 2X3 they were so little and so treasured as people didn't take many photos and it took long to send them away plus always the cost of things not really needed.

This is me at age one, and to this day I am really impressed by the size of the cake and the effort into making it. Never again have I had such a birthday cake. I am with my aunt on the Photo,

also mom and dad in this composition.

The background takes on the looks of a storm ravaged landscape, it is early May so that adds to the look.

This was practice yesterday of what I can also do with paintings. one learns things everyday, the bottom border of all those cakes, the repitition.
Oh yes, the down side, some legs never change.

Quilting today I hope and I started an art journal of just pretty stuff.

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Michael said...

Emelie this picture just speaks to me. I absolutely love it.....looks like how we think of things long past and dearly loved in our minds. It's dreamy and loving.