Thursday, December 24, 2009

Poppies, Ships, and SNOW

The snow is outside not in the painting. I was in the mood for poppies yesterday, thought how a lovely bouquet of those on the table would be for Christmas. Poppies are floppy in a vase and need searing at their ends to be fresh for a while.

This is a painting of mood, I wanted to paint a face and I wanted red and green. The other purpose was to not have a blended background overdone or too blended. I put the color on the background, then put a piece of wax paper over it and pressed the color around. I should of had two pieces of paper prepared so I could of then put the wax paper on another gessoed sheet to create another background. The poppies are from a napkin, I pretty much used the colors already on the paper for the face. A bit of stamping and a very vague ship.


Sharon said...

Oh yes! you know how I love the napkins. I haven't done that in a while and may just be what should do. I like how you did your background with the wax paper, but you are right if you had two pieces of paper ready then you could just smash the two pieces of paper together to blend and soften the paint. Instant second background.
Love the painting. I plan to paint just as soon as I get off this computer. My holiday has started.

Star said...

I like poppies in art, they're so bright and pretty. I have them in my garden but I'm not always happy with them there because here the blooming time is just way too short. It never fails that as soon as they open up we get a hail storm and that's the end of the glorious poppies.
I like using the napkins in art, too.
In fact went on a quick shopping jaunt yesterday and specifically looked for napkins, was only able to find 1 pkg. and they weren't much what I was looking for. I did come out with a handful of brightly colored and patterned tissue papers, though, so I can cut that up and use it...and several pkgs. of wall paper border to cut, too.
Hope you aren't buried in snow/ice this morning! This won't be a day to be going out and about and tomorrow they say we're really gonna be deep in the white stuff. As long as I'm able to sit and watch it through the window, it can snow and blow all she wants! I'm thinking the plans to run to the grocery store will be put off and we'll make do with what I have! It's really coming down right now!
Merry Christmas!

revchantilly said...

Are you trying to have your cake and eat it too ;)? Red and green for Christmas, yes, but sticking your tongue out at the nasty weather with the red and green being summery poppies.