Friday, December 18, 2009

Mac and Me

Good morning, and thanks for coming by, so appreciated.

This is me in 1953, age 8, I was a tall kid and became a short adult. In school group photos I stood in back row.

In one of the Somerset magazines Lisa BiBi had a how to on altering photos I was captured by the work. As a Child once said, Dad when did the world become colored it must not of happened yet in this photo of Mac and me. Mac and Me is what I wrote on the picture at that time.

I made a copy on card stock, did some watercolor painting on me and the background, I added the dots from paper. I am sitting on and old broken table that was quite low. Somehow it has a floating feeling. I get a Wizard of Oz feeling when I look at it. The original is also in this altered photo.

This is not important at all, but that dog was the naughtiest dog I can remember in my life. He sure looks cute there tho. We have all learned that cute and naughty can go together.

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Star said...

Emelie, that's just a darling picture of you! I like what you did with it! BTW, you sure get up early. I'm a night person and don't do mornings unless I'm forced and then it makes for a cranky Star! LOL!