Saturday, December 26, 2009


This painting started when my husband and I were looking at a tiny drawer form an old sewing machine, it was his mothers and I remember asking for it as things were getting tossed at her house. He mentioned that I could use it for the design on the front of the drawer, so I did some rubbings with a burnt sienna crayon. These are done on tissue paper and glued. I wanted swirls in the work and curves, plus a rather pouty face that was more to the back of the painting, plus I wanted an unlikly situation. Also I wanted to use some pages from and old gardening book. The main purpose was to have a plan when I start. Also the plan was try to do some art that is simple in design. I failed at simple. Having too much fun always leads to just a bit more. The stenciled swirls were just too dark, so added the dots, I wanted them to compliment the birds shape.

Thank you for your visits.


Star said...

Glad you had fun doing this, even what starts out as planned should be fun! I like the rubbed design and the birds added! I never think about doing rubbings until I see them somewhere....then I forget to them for myself again.
Have a good morning!

Anonymous said...

Love your art Emelie, such a beautiful blog you have. Thank you so much for coming over to visit me and leave me a lovely message to read.
Hope you are having a brill Christmas!