Saturday, December 19, 2009

Angel Of Certainty

Not feeling so certain this morning, so much to think about this time of year, then it is remembering to think about the right things. Then there is always art floating around in my head, especially the betterment of the art. Betterment might not be a word. Like eyes and why
they are difficult to get lined up correctly across a face or the same size so at least they are simular. Also the presenting of the work on the blog, how it can look one way in imaging and another when posting, plus still another way on the camera screen. Just when I think I know something I find there is so much more to know. It is me or the equipment? There is pleasure even in the struggle.


Sharon said...

Your Angel of Certainity is very good. Is't thie ART stuff fun? I could do it 24/7 if permitted by my body, my life. That's for certain. I'm gearing up to have family here today. Oh, I received your beautiful Christmas Card and thank you so much for remembering me. I'm still hoping to get some in the mail. They could be late though. It is for certain that I have over extended my ART self.

Star said...

Oh! This angel is very nice! Makes me want to get busy right now and just be in the art room all day!
I wouldn't worry too much about getting eyes lined up straight, it usually just doesn't matter in the end. And the matter of showing art, how it changes in appearance in amazes me. Sometimes a picture helps it along and sometimes not so much. I really can't believe how many mistakes or things I find where I forgot to touch up or finish once I see a photo of my work. A picture on the computer seems to show much more graphic detail depending on if it's a scan or camera shot. I'm not too good with a camera and just a tad better with the scanner! LOL!