Saturday, March 20, 2010

Art Quilt

Welcome spring, all bloggers seems so thrilled to have it arrive. I am also, at this point one still has everything, everything to bloom, nothing wilted and done.
Anticipation is one of the great things of life. Enjoy your spring.

This is a painting I did, and put it on fabric with the printer, added but of recycled clothes, and ribbon. It is fun digging through the stuff looking for what you think is right, often what your hunting for turns out wrong and the surprise of finding what you forgot is the best.

Now I wrote this once and posted the same photo twice by mistake, now to try again. if I get the same photo twice again I will leave it. Then I will work on a painting that has failure written all over it. Really I am near the end and usually they get better this is not. Will see tomorrow.


Star said...

Gosh Emelie, the picture is very good....even twice! You know it's too late in the evening to give me a fit of giggles!

audrey said...

I like this painting on material. I bought some printable material but I haven't tried printing anything on it yet. This will be something new for me. One of these days, when I have some time, there are several things I would like to experiment with.
Your paintings have such a beautiful softness about them. I think that must be your personality coming out in them.
♥ audrey

wanda miller said...

such a quilt, i've never seen...just so stunning! lucky those that you teach, i am enamored wholly! thanks for the minnesota answer, i still just love how you speak, and don't care about grammar mistakes, especially when you speak from your heart!
and you can look closer at my collage, when it goes to flicker there is a "all sizes" up above the photo, you can press and then it will go LARGE and thank you dearly!