Saturday, March 13, 2010

Pondering Woman

We all do that, become deep in thought as time slips away. We sort our thoughts, and sometimes think the same thought over and over. Frequently if we write the thought down and some solutions we can get it out of our head. People talk about choices, it leads us to think there is a choice we might really like, sometimes there isn't one that we feel great about, but there are still choices. So we ponder, and hear our own voice talking to us, a friend I admire calls this an "Ear Worm" she gets these with songs and the same line and song stay with her for a day. We met on a message borad a long time ago, and sometimes I like to add song lines to a post and she scolds me that now that will be with her all day. It is like that when I paint these faces and the mouths are too big, I hear Johnny Cash singing, "You Big Mouth Woman" and sometimes it isn't jut in my head he really is as I listen to old CW music on a station called "'Moose Country"

Except right now I hear Jackson Brown singing "Here Come Those Tears" I like the videos of him , BBC 1978. He had a great band then. Enough, and a long paragraph.


Star said...

Yup, I can see she's pondering and listening to something internal. I know how that is for sure.
Good post.....I am horrid about getting a piece of music stuck in my head!!

Laura said...

Really good post Emelie. We all get stuck in our own heads, our own little worlds. The same thoughts, the same tunes, the same voices (oops maybe that ones just me!) running constantly on our inner radios so to speak.

wanda miller said...

oooh i love her...i enlarged her and how beautiful this entire piece shouts, exuberance and love to me!!
and the post below this, emelie, is soooo delightful, whimsical and just SPECIAL!
i always enjoy your thoughts and words, thank you!

wanda miller said...

i have been pondering as well, sometimes, emelie, you give little hints of another heritage, not originally from the U.S. or something along those lines and i lovvve it! are you and your parents from here originally? i certainly hope you don't mind my asking...and you certainly do not have to respond!
i just LOVED your comment on my blog of funny about trading faces, and i just love that katie said it as well as you or i, how they start to look so "the same."
...and i rarely take things the wrong way, (about forgetting)...and as a matter of fact i am quite forgetful, since aging...i have to write down EVERYTHING and that drives me crazy sometimes...i AM thankful that i can remember to write!!!
and yes, i think i must be thinking of spring time with the colors i've been using lately...i think a lot of us have had a long winter! xo wanda