Monday, March 8, 2010

Thinking Spring

It is early for this far north to get to spring minded, I have seen 3 robins, only one other time that I can remember did I see first Robins on the 7th and 8th of March.

We have some rushing rivers, a few patches of bare ground, soft earth in places, and now and then you can drive with the heater off in the car.

I thought this tree bark covered with lichen, it is a pretty pattern for a background in a painting I thought, even Richard said looks like your backgrounds,
and like that a painting appeared. This must be a spring maid, she drifts through the woodlands to stir the Mayflowers, spring beauties, and violets.


Star* said...

Emelie, she's so pretty mixed in looking through the lichen! pretty green colors and yes she looks like Spring. Did you try the wax paper trick?
We had Robins 2 weeks ago....that is very rare and I worry for them because it has been down near zero at night except for the last couple nights and even 20 is cold for a Robin.
I usually throw out raisins for them while the ground is still cold but I forgot to buy a box. Saw a guy tapping the Maples just around the corner today. Last year DH tapped our 2 trees and made a pretty good batch of syrup. A lot of our snow is gone but most of the yard is still buried. You know we'll get a dandy storm or 2 yet!! I love that the deck is all cleared off now!

Laura said...

I've been so busy, I now have to catch up on blogs! This is such a good idea. Your gal just blends in ideally. I have tons of pictures like this from over the years. I'll hafta see what I can do with them. Pretty girl, too.