Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Painting for quilt

The photo with out the flower border is the painting, the photo with flower border and writing is changed in photoshop, I blurred the edges for transparency and added text. She has sheet music hair and napkin flowers. She is in a hurry to get things done, but has a song in her head and one in her heart. She is a wren enthusiest. Like the song, "I'm in a Hurry to Get Things Done, I Rush and Rush and I don't know why.

The mood has been for things not real, or close to real, just fun. Before Mixed Media art it was folk art, doing a search today for inspiration I didn't see a lot of differences, some of the same sort of enchantment about the work. It is thrilling to visit other blogs and see what transpired at the art table and in their minds on any given day. It is fun to play games with oneself and say you have to create something of the scraps on the floor, or the junk mail. My husband even finds things that are a bit off and tells me they would work in my paintings. Of course he has this sense of humor, he brings odd gifts, a rock, a deer horn, a rusty nail, a tiny part from old plumbing, or part of a childs toy, all found items as he works outside. Of course there are a few jars of such items in his shed, I could go pick out my own gift. It is a gift to see beauty, oddness,

unexpected and be able to cherish it in our own way.

The cat even enjoys mixed media, the cat toys have felt, feathers, yarn, bells, but can also be excited by the real thing.

I do have one more quilt done, waiting for the right light to photograph it, I missed it this morning.


Star said...

You can see she has things to do and places to go! I got a giggle over her hair! I like it. It's not noticable in the small pic but in the bigger one it shows so well!! Nice colors, too.
I used to keep all sorts of baubles and found bits but not so much anymore. I think because DH is such a complete pack rat it put me off a bit and now I want all the clutter gone.....but not my books or art 'stuff'. That's not clutter! LOL!
I did attempt to start some projects today but never made it too far. Tedious little problems cropped up until I got mad and decided sitting outside in the sun with a book might be better! Tonight I just made another practice face on scrap paper. Maybe tomorrow I can get back to doing what needs done.

Diane said...

She is great, Emelie--mixed media art can be a bit of a problem, because you can't get rid of anything--seriously. I've have so much stuff, but I just can't throw it out, because you never know.

Laura said...

This I enjoy tons and bunches Emelie!! I think it's that color you chose for the hair. It's just so unexpected and lighthearted.

I too have many bit and bobs of this and that. Himself and the Young Himself present them to me on a regular basis. Daughter also sometimes gives me things. My studio overflows.