Friday, March 5, 2010

a woman, a bird, a house

I didn't even have to paint it. The bird is one of my most favorite 5 cent items from a garage sale. It is quite old and it is a pie bird, you put it in the middle of your pie so the pie doesn't drizzel juice all over your oven. It has a tiny crack so I am careful with it. One hardly finds nickle things any longer, and this was some years ago, I had this pie bird a long time before I knew what it was, I saw another at an antique shop, and I am still thrilled at that identical bird was 22.00.

I like the woman also she is from Portugal, and the other things are just odds and ends and the effect you see is an altered layered look. I do like vintage salt and pepper shakers with flowers and I don't buy a pair I buy when there is just one. I like the blurred look, however I would appreciate ability to do a clear sharp look also.

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Judy said...

This is such an attractive collage, Emelie! My eyes just wander around and around the piece, always finding more to *see*.