Thursday, March 4, 2010

Work in Progress, and Whimsy

I do enjoy doing things that have whatever you feel like putting into the painting, what moves you that day. and I find whether it be a bothersome thing, an emotional happening, what is foremost in you thoughts it is likely to come out in the art you choose. I did this woman with the statue of a cat after and around the time of losing a cat, getting a new cat that developed a brain tumor and of course that was loss also, and then getting another cat. I enjoy finding a cat in my chair, seeing can antics, and the bossy nature of a cat, that seems to think they run the house.

I wanted a quiet sort of cat, and I got one, the shelter people said this is a low maintenance cat, and it was alarming for 4 months because he moved in a small radius of downstairs from food, to his bed, to the litter. The vet found him perfectly fine. He gained weight, and is still chubby.
Then one evening after the house became quiet he came upstairs, and bit by bit hs become quite normal. There was a setback, he got his claw caught in the end of a table runner and pulled a good bit of things on the floor, had a bit of a confrontation with the dog over the mishap and returned to his hermit like living. (I didn't even know I was going to tell a cat story.) Hermie now is just a normal behaving cat with some weight issues.

The second photo, or other photo you see is the beginning of a rather large painting of faces and it is a good thing I scanned early as I see somethings I don't like already. A good time to get them fixed before a lot of work is done. So I learned something to scan the beginnings and get an idea of placement. You see music, and papers adhered to the watercolor paper and a lot of that will be gone under layers of paint, yet bits will show somewhat, and that is the objective.


Diane said...

I've read that on other blogs--to take a photo of your piece that your starting and look at it to get a different view--I think I'll start doing that. I love the story of your cat :)
They definitely have their own personalities.

Star said...

I like the cat story, too. I don't happen to be a cat lover but I have a tiny teacup poodle that has been the boss of the house since the moment she entered! The vet said she has me trained very well! LOL! I told him I didn't need him to inform me; I already knew it. Not sure how much longer we'll have her as she has the beginnings of breast cancer.
I like the cat woman picture. And yes, doing a scan sure does show things that need to be changed! I need to remember to do that before I contiue on things instead of waiting until I'm finished and then find it's too late for what might have been a easy fix. Amazing how a scan or photo can show things you don't see in front of you.

audrey said...

Hello Emelie.
Thank you for visiting my blog and for the kind comments.
Unfortunately, yes, there are many sad and lonely people out there who have no family or are forgotten. I always enjoy a good story about someone helping the elderly or the lonely. There are a lot of good people in the world - just not enough - and too many people who need help.
You must be a kind person to have chosen the profession of human services. I imagine there would have been a lot to deal with on a daily basis. Congratulations on your retirement.
Your paintings are beautiful, Emelie. I must say that I like the music showing through the painting in this post. And, I LOVE the flower painting that you posted yesterday. It is SO beautiful.
I am happy that you enjoy my photography. Please stop back to visit my blog in the future.
♥ audrey