Thursday, March 25, 2010

This is a test

I had some help with problem things on the computer today and I want to see if they are fixed, one problem was the windows kept coming up like they did for dialup when I was posting photos, the other thing was some security updates that were not working right. The computer is like a child, one does the best they know to manage it's behavior, and sometimes a therapist can help it be more cooperative, you just have to know the inner reasons for the behavior, I don't always know. The thing about the computer is you can't reason with it, or distract it from what it is doing you have to fix it. It has fixed it's self on occasion, and that is the most magic of all, even in life fixing one's self.

Where did all this come from, this is a simple test. It is pillows that are now gone,and a doll, I made these things once and had submissions to a magazine. It was precollage love not right at this time.. I always loved collage.

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Star said...

computers can definately test your nerves! I'm careful about saying mine is running good because sure enough then it will start to do ugly things and drive me crazier.
I hope you have it figured out.
I like your photo of all the pillows and the trinkets set out front!