Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Using What You Have

I have been visitng some art quilting blogs and seeing things that are more quiet than my past quilt posts, I have a bin of things like this, things other people have made with the same desire that I have to create things. My mother's favorite color for things on tables and desks was ecru, she thought it showed more taste to be understated. But then I also remember some beautiful colors in the threads she used coming to a store she shopped in and suddenly she was about color. Her paintings were about color also.

So this painting was about less color and then into the quilt about less color, but oculdn't quite stay neutral. Had to add some. The quilt is a painting, crochet bits, yarn, painted abstractions, buttons, and a lot of stitches, even a tiny bit of my own hand stitches. Even with bits of color it is still more quiet.


Star said...

Emelie, I say this one is in the running for my favorite one yet! It's equal to Suggestion of Worry. It's just gorgeous and I do like the muted colors and calmness to it! I think I was sure craving that quiet tonight!
The girl (angel?) is really good, her face and dress, perfect. I love the pieces and bits of lace and fabrics and those buttons are great!!
Very Very nice. Glad I came to look before I head to bed early tonight.

Diane said...

Emelie, this is just beautiful--you have such a talent for this.

Judy said...

Wonderful hues, colors, style!! This piece is just a joy to savor!

wanda miller said...

your quilts, i want to see in person, running my hands over them...just looking and looking and looking..so wonderful!
and your painting is so so pretty and delightful..i just love that head piece and all the pretty colors! xo wanda

Laura said...

Oh I really like this Emelie! So calming and peaceful.