Friday, March 19, 2010

Miscellaneous, or a grab bag

I loved grab bags as a kid, a brown bag in a basket of othe brown bags and you could choose one for less than a dollar. You would get something fun, and a good surprise. You cold get one of those woven straw tubes and put a finger in each end and become stuck, or a game of Jacks, a new jump rope, that I used to play tug of war with the dog. Once my mother got a pretty ring and we were outside looking at it and she dropped it, just like that a chicken ran up and ate it.

The point is this post is like that sort of something of everything, some rugs I made from old sweatshirts hooked with a rug hook into burlap. It is different than latchook. These rugs have a very tight loop of fabric on the surface of the rug. Ignore the pumpkins, I took this photo last fall. They are my favorite tho and are called Long Island Cheese Squash, so aren't really a pumpkin, and they aren't really a good squash either, they are just pretty.

Remnants of winter, can you see the tiny bit of green coming to life?

A face started sometime ago and just now finished because it was there and I was waiting for other things to dry. It is not even very good, but I would of thought it was 6 months ago. She reminds me of a broken doll with a crack across her face. That is a mark from layering papers.


Star said...

My goodness! Is there a craft or form of art you don't do and do well? The rugs are wonderful! I'd love to hook rugs and I've looked up instructions etc. but decided that it would be something needing 'hands on' learning. In the meantime I do have a container of fleece scraps left from doing snuggly throws and some day plan to do a hook latch rug with them.
The ring and chicken story is too cute!
I got tired of the gal by my keyboard trying to nudge me to focus (who me, needs to focus? LOL)so I tore her away and she went through a bit of transformation and will be going on a trip tomorrow or Monday. She won't be nagging me anymore and the focus word was ruined ripping her from the paper. Now I just finsihed doing a bit of paint on a tin birdhouse roof....with alcohol inks. I'm not sure my fingers or finger nails will ever be stainless again. They're mixed green, purple, copper and a bit of blue and deep yellow! Looks like berry stains!
Oh, like your girl, too. That's a pretty bird!

Laura said...

Cool rugs, Emelie!
Oh my gosh...that's not a snake is it?
Run run quick...I'm scared silly of snakes!
The stories I could tell of them...yikes!
The ring and the chicken, Ha funny stuff. Your poor mom.
Did you know I answer you back (and Star) on my comments section on my blog?