Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Photos of Spring Breakup and a Busy Painting

No Painting today, that doesn't mean I don't have a painting. The refridge died so had to go hunt for a new and be thankful for a cold garage. I knew it was going as sometimes it sounded like a semi trying to pass on the freeway, passing while honking. That was the first warning 4 years ago. So it held on.

These photos are just that what I felt was pretty as spring tries to arrive. the fields are full of standing water and geese everywhere. I like the photo that was taken on the high bluff of backwaters from a river. The other is same river.

I felt like doing a painting with much busyness, I rather like that. Sometimes I mount them on cardboard covered with newsprint, and even designs on the newsprint.
or just a touch of paint, doing that much bigger than the painting takes away some of the busy work in the painting. It also allows one to use thrift store frames that are quite nice. I can also mount several paintings with the same backing in a large frame. Use some of the same colors on the newspaper as in the paintings and pull it together with some stencils.

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Star said...

Hi Emelie,
I like your pictures of the river. It's so exciting to see the snow and ice go away. However, it's a bit too soon for all the snow cover to melt and now I worry that the flowers will freeze. Flower gardening up here is so hard for what usually turns out to be maybe 1 month of a glorious colorful show in the yard! The rest of the time it's watching flowers fade away or waiting for new ones to open. I still prefer it over the snow and cold.
I love the painting. I'm not sure I could have pulled all that together like you did on this one! The girl turned out well and I like the ship, birds and flowers peeking through with the other elements. Oh, like the bigger butterfly at her throat also!!
Glad you have a new fridge.....my kitchen is in need of all new appliances, they are very dated and starting to lose bits and pieces! But then the floors and walls need attention also. LOL!