Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Feeling like flowers

I always feel like flowers, even doing all these faces it is hard not to put in flowers, even the one of the serious faces I have started. BTW the red girls didn't want to be posted today so had to find something else.

I also plan to post a partial start to a painting tomorrow if I get time to paint, this cleaning up of winter grime in the house sure interferes with painting. And now the cat is out of sorts because I ran the carpet cleaner all morning and ruined his sun spot naps. But the house feels better, carpet cleaner, smells fresher.

This painting is done with thinned layers of acrylic paint, and done quite fast. Just something with lots of color and a satisfaction of something painted, plus the fact I needed flowers today.

1 comment:

Star said...

Emelie, I cannot say how much I love this painting!! You are a master at watercolours! And you say you just did this fast?.....sheesh.....
I guess we need you to give watercolour lessons along with Sharon!!