Thursday, March 18, 2010

Suggestion of Worry

This seems to have that, except the cat, and you know how cats are they refuse blame, even if they have an accident that caused them to fall or look stupid they sit down and wash and just act as if that was suppose to happen. George Carlin does a funny bit about cats, I watch it on Utube sometimes. Most of it is funny some isn't, but what he has to say about them so mostly true.

I had a class today on faces and it went really well, I am not use to talking for 5 hours tho so feel a little out of words. The faces were so nice that they did and learned how to get them on fabric and create a quilt. The women are very good quilters, great skill, beautiful work, and colors.

The rhubarb is up, there is a bit of green showing in the garden, wonderful, even if we get colder this weekend it is still wonderful to see the snow gone.

Thank you dear bloggers for your visits and comments


Star* said...

Emelie, i can't believe you did this before getting ready for your class! it's cute and I think she must have been following in your foot steps the last few days!! I rather like your bird, too!!
I'm so glad your class went good today! Did you get pictures of the finished quilts? I bet 5 hours was a long time and yet I bet it went by too fast.

Laura said...

That bird is soooooo cute Emelie! How did you do that?

Glad the class went well. I was thinking about you and your class hoping it would be fine.

wanda miller said...

thank you so much emelie, i dearly love your say things in such a special way. i've been wondering, if at some time you were from a different country than here. i hope you don't think me rude in asking. you are such a kind thoughtful lady...and the way you state words are dear to me. you are quite special!
i love how this little lady is reminds me of alice in wonderland... her shoes are so quaint and that worried expression and am enamored in how you put the entire piece together!
xo wanda

Anonymous said...

All your art is so beautiful!