Thursday, March 25, 2010

Other Artists, their work

I received a beautiful package in the mail this week, This painting was on the outside of the package, with great artful things on the inside. I did just let it be on the table a while to admire before carefully opening. The joyful face on this package is so pretty and creative. You can visit "A Floudering Star" and see more. Click on Previous posts to enjoy her work further, she is a mixed media artist. The pink paper you see is to cover the address.

I also want to show you work by Westy Copeland, I apolgize for not posting her
blog page, but for some reason it does not post correctly. You can Google her name and find work by her. She is an active artist in the Minneapolis, St. Paul area.
Each fall she has work in an art show close by, I enjoy the simplicity of her work.

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Star said...

I like Westy's art!