Wednesday, March 31, 2010

A tiny quilt, and Misc.

I bet your finding with spring time vanishes quicker, it is loving the outside,
it seems distracting, you pause longer for things, even putting groceries in the car your being thankful your not freezing, and walking slower in parking lots because it is pleasant, people stop longer to talk. It is nice

This is a small quilt, I use them as cards sometimes, the face seems rather vague in the quilt but I wanted it that way. Then it wanted to puff out so I had to do tiny stitches over that part. It has quite a bit of hand stitching even the binding is hand done with some odd corners. I would like to have 5 done by the
13th of April, One is all I have or one and a third. I also want to paint.
I read how to do tranfers on fabric and I want to do that also. rather then print everything on the fabric sheet. However the garden keeps calling also.

I like these tiny rosettes of sedum and the faded leaves, such a perfect design that I had nothing to do with. Feeling a bit scattered


Diane said...

Beautiful, and these are cards??!! Wonderful--I love your description of Spring--it's beautiful here today.

Star said...

What a pretty little quilt! it's like looking in a mirror! Lots of stitching for sure!
I'm having one of those discombobulated days; too much to do, too much I want to do and nothing is coming together. I might just say to heck with it all and go outside in the sun. It's not as windy today as the last 2 days were. Maybe I'll rake the leaves off the flower beds for a bit. They say it'll be cold again next week, tho. Have to spray what green is showing already or the deer will be coming in to feast.