Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Ever Wonder

I do, where these people come from that are in mixed media art. Whre do they live, how come they are out walking about with a look of pondering the earth and the rest of the inhabitants that seem ordinary, when clearly the writing is on the wall to them.
Do they get a census form, a tax form, a warning for keeping of song birds from the DNR? No, they live wandering lives of music, flowers, finding lost things. or moving things to be lost. Their vocabulary is of pleasant words, inspire, love,
searching, joy, hope.

I best get busy and quit wandering around in fairyland. I do that, wander around and then find rocks with hearts on them all provided by these people.


Star said...

You know me so well....I do wander and wonder....maybe too much! I love your picture and new gal!!

Judy said...

A rock with a heart....for an artist with a heart!!

Laura said...

A rock with a heart. It must be a very kind rock. Probably would never let you stub your toes on it.

Like the new piece. The flow is nice and so are the colors. She looks like she is wondering where she might like to wander.