Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Guest Speaker Prep

I will be giving a short talk at a quilt show on art quilts, art quilts with a face on them, not large quilts wall hanging size. This is a month away so I have to get my handouts ready and I have to write my talk. Today I prepared my hand outs. After I paint the face I print it out on fabric, the fabric has a paper back so it goes through the printer and then you peel off the fabric and can sew it anyway you choose. The small quilt you see on the right is a face painted on fabric.

This isn't a class it is a speaker engagement with a handout. Here you will see part of the handout, the painting, and the painting with digital additions that may or may not get cut apart for the quilt construction.


Diane said...

Emelie, what a wonderful way to express your art of creating faces and pairing them with your art of quilt making--I love art quilts.

Star said...

I really like the bottom picture and I can sure see that in a quilt....or even as a center piece in a bigger quilt!
Good idea to use your art in the handouts. So you have to print out like 200 or so?

Star* said...

Emelie, I just wanted to say that you can come over and treat my blog as your own anytime you want to!

hope your evening came together better!

Anonymous said...

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