Monday, March 22, 2010

Quilts and more quilts

As I post the photos of these, I am thinking I have changed in my thought process, and in the skill of doing a face. I did these last fall, I was anticipating the quilt show coming and wanting to speak about quick things for quilts, a speedier gratification when working with fabric. I am not a person who can work on a project for a long time, no matter how beautiful the pattern or idea, I can't work for months on the same thing, as it starts to lose some of it's appeal in the process.
But my paintings have changed, so the quilts with these faces don't quite look like what I would do now. Yet, I still like the face that isn't a portrait the best. There is a fine line in there someplace about a good face that isn't quite real, Or a face that has some distortion yet has charm.

These quilts have painted faces, stamping, yarn, ribbon, crayon rubbings, new and old fabric. A busy sort of contruction that in the end pleases me most. The composition intent is for someone to see it and look for balance that is out of balance, and if your thinking as you look how is that side the same as the other side and they aren't, simular but not the same, that is what pleases me.


Star said...

Gosh, hard to say which one I like best! They're both amazing. I think as I go back to look that I like the 2nd one best. Because I like that you look and don't really see all the faces right away, and then one by one they start peeking out at you!
Very nice, Emelie!!

Star said...

oops! I know I said the 2nd one, but it's the first one with the hidden faces that I really like the best. I just looked again and I love how you don't really notice the faces at first and then voila! they peek out and say surprise, Here I am! Like fairies!

Laura said...

I love those bird faces Emelie. I had to look several times, I like them that much.
I know what you mean about not spending a lot of time on a project. I usually like fast projects also, so I don't get bored with them, I think. But now, I feel I am changing with that as well as so many other things. Weird, eh?