Friday, March 26, 2010

Looking Out

A day of not much, Just a little of this and that. Reading a lot of what other people have to say, and also what they say other people have said. Some things are a little stirring, some make you wonder, others make you want to go and do.

I am glad I kept my mouth shut today, We got a new fridge about 2 weeks ago and in the unpacking the freezer part's handle broke. They ordered a new one and it came today. When I got to the car I looked and no hardware, so I went back in the store and about halfway to the counter I realized there was hardware on the broken handle at home.

I realized today that I have painted 38 paintings, mixed media type, and done 4 quilts this is since Feb. 1. I didn't ignore other things that I usually do either, and the point is I was wondering why I feel a little tired. Even enjoyment can make you tired.


Star said...

Goodness! That's a lot of painting ad sewing for 1 month, plus all the house and shopping duties and prepping for your class, too! You are Super Duper Emelie!
Anyway, all that painting leads to better things and ideas, I guess, because your lady today is divine and she looks good behind the window!

wanda miller said...

...oh emile, thank you for your friendship and chats..i always am enchanted by your words and thoughts, ideas too!
i just love your window photograph and then your painted woman looking out that window and the other special effects...oh speaking of special effects, you are that to many of us...special and effective, tee hee, i mean it! xo wanda

Laura said...

Holy cow that's a lot of energy going into mixed media AND quilting AND all that other stuff that has to be done in life Emelie!! Yes, no wonder you feel a little tired. Slow down, this isn't a race to see who finishes with the most pieces, ya know! Wouldn't want you to get sick or something.