Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Quilt and Whimsy

It took me longer to get a decent photo than it did to make the quilt. Outside just works better, I was getting too much of the fabric grain and no matter how I tried to change it, it was still a bad scan.

This is a painting I did last summer, not detailed that much, the painting was then printed on fabric. Recycled fabric was used in the brown design and the butterfly. Two strands of twisted yard form some of the straight and curved lines. Quilt measure 12in x12in.

We learn in life to never say "this won't take long" something always goes amiss, or amess when that thought enters our head. How the morning has gone, so now I have to hurry and get another small quilt done and it won't take long.


Star* said...

Oh hey, she looks like a Fairy....a Fall or Winter Fairy on a perfect background! I know all about "it won't take long"!

Laura said...

Everything takes twice as long as it should. At least one mistake will be made. At least one thing will need to be found. At least one interruption will happen. And the faster you go the more things go awry.

Emelie, you can always come comment over on my blog, and I will come look at your work over here! I bet Star will do the same. We can keep giving each other feedback and encouragement. Any one else that's from the group too.

Anonymous said...

Truly beautiful. Love all the textures. Your art always shines with so much love!