Sunday, March 28, 2010

Looking For The Sun

That is not true of me, we have sun, it is dry, pleasant weather, but wishing for rain, it starts earlier every year wanting rain.

Also, I am wanting osmething else from these paintings, emotion, personality, a little haunting, but still pretty, and I don't mean haunted. maybe a look of remorse
or forlorn, not quite so cute, but pretty. I am working on it.

I don't think we have to be accepting of what we do, change is hard no matter the
thing that we are trying to change. I don't even want a permanent change just the ability to do what I want.

I like layering so the painting is layered with fabric behind done in Print Shop and it is also done with my photo of Coral Bells coming to life in the garden.

I need to go outside and do some physical work, not that the painting will change with some sweat, it might.


Diane said...

This is beautiful, Emelie, and to me she seems to have a feeling in her eyes that no one really knows about except her. And BTW, if you want some rain, come on over here--I have plenty for you!

Star said...

Oh gee, never go back to look at the picture while typing your comment or the comment disappers! I'll just have to hope my pea sized morning brain can remember.....
I have that color Coral Bell also and it's starting to perk up; however, it's way too early here ad the freezing makes it ragged looking for a long time. But later in the Summer when I have it looking better, I will now always see your ghostly girl hovering by it! But I do have a Fairy Garden, so new comers are welcome!
We had a teensy bt of rain Sat. night and then bouts of that *s* stuff yesterday! I hear this week is going to be Heaven again!!

I really like the girly and she does have a wistful look. Like her dress, too!

Star said...

See....I can't remember everything..
I like those cute little elusive suns!!